Tips On How To Draw When Your Arms Are Shaking

It appears to be a common problem – equally among seasoned and young artists: trembling fingers. My personal perception: probably 1 / 2 of all of us suffered issues with their arm trembling too seriously for painting more than one time.

Therefore I did the following number of tricks and tips on how to defeat shaky fingers or even how to get accustomed to it, if it cannot be stopped.

But I have to state this first: in case you have shaky fingers often and haven’t done this previously: go and see a physician!

Frequently shaky fingers are usually almost nothing a bit more sleeping and cutting down on coffee cannot fix (later on more on that). However shaky fingers may also be a symptom of a number of serious health problems that require professional cure.

That said, here are some homemade remedies for trembling fingers. Not surprisingly it is generally a good idea to live healthier.

So first lower your coffee consumption. And also do the same for drinks which contain caffeine like cola.

And then make sure you have sufficient rest. Based on your actual constitution eight hours a day certainly is an excellent rule of thumb. Additionally a short nap immediately after lunch can work like a charm, too!

I’m certain you do not consume greatly alcohol since this might aggravate your trembling, as well. Just for the sake of completeness: drink alcohol only occasionally and moderately.

Perhaps this is a fairly astonishing discovery to you: shaking fingers could possibly be the result of a too high sugar intake (frequently in combination with too much caffeine). Therefore replace your sugars with more healthy food such as vegetables and fruits.

Then it will help you if you get much more active. This could be frequent physical exercises as well as joining the local sports club as well as getting lengthier walks in the neighborhood.

Also a low level of Magnesium might cause muscle tightness leading to shaky fingers. An indicator is if you have hic-ups or cramps. So make sure to eat a good amount of vegetables as well as salad every day so you have more magnesium.

Then if you’re under medication this can be a factor, as well. In this instance – again: ask your physician. He may have an idea how to fine-tune your medication to get rid of the trembling.

But what if you can’t minimize the trembling enough to sketch without problems?

Then you can certainly use these tricks to sketch in spite of trembling fingers:

First you’ll find in any nicely equipped art supply shop what are known as drawing ‘brigdes’ – these are typically small bridge shaped shelves made out of wood or acrylic. You position them across your drawing to help you to rest your arm and stabilize your hand. The only drawback: you can’t perform those extended and sweeping movements.

Next you can develop your drawing style in a way where it’s not necessary to sketch accurate aspects with great precision. Therefore you learn to get a looser more flowing and more forgiving style.

Ultimately you can think about utilizing stencils, french curves and rulers.

Most vital: do not become discouraged. Imagine: old Charles M. Schulz (inventor of Charlie Brown and Snoopy) had Parkinson. Nonetheless he was able to adapt and compensate the trembling so he didn’t stop drawing his comic strips up to the point he retired (at age 77!).