Following Your Dreams – The Art of Drawing Your Desires

There has been much written on and spoken about when it comes to Manifesting your wants and desires. In fact, David and I did a few shows on that very topic. The one thing that I have found to be true and most important for Manifestation is:

Thoughts have Power!!

We all know or should know by now how the brain works. Electrical impulses send information to all areas of our bodies. Thoughts and images are all forms of electrical impulses. Here is where the connection gets lost for some people. Everything around us is a form of energy. Thoughts are a form of energy, the things that make up every aspect of our daily lives are forms of energy.

In the Law of Attraction Like draws Like. What does that mean? If we put it into to terms of our thoughts it means this, What you focus your thoughts on is what you draw into your life. I know we have all heard that thousands of times but what does that really mean? It’s quite simple, if say you are looking to become an actor, but you have thoughts let’s say right before an audition like, “I don’t think I have what they need” or “I just know there Will be someone there who is better than me”, chances are that is exactly what will happen. You called it into being, you made it real. Some would say that is the “Law of Self-fulfillment” and in a way yes it is. I would like you to think for a minute that it is the energy you focused on and in doing so brought into existence making your thoughts reality.

If energy draws the same type of energy to it’s self then your thoughts, conscious or sub-conscious are energy and where that energy is directed will be the result you receive. In the case of your health for instance, if your thoughts are always leaning toward the fear of getting sick, chances are you will be sick more often than someone who is not consumed by those thoughts.

If we take all that information and then funnel it into what we really want, how does that work? Think of what you want, what you really want not what you think will be of importance to everyone else or in other words, meet the approval of everyone else. Your real, true desire for yourself. It is not enough to simply think about what you want you must have a real picture of how getting what you want will impact your life, the lives of those around you. You essentially want to create a complete picture of what your Dream, Desire or want is. How it will feel, smell, sound, taste, how your thoughts will be when you have what it is that you want.

There are many ways to achieve this, we spoke of it during one of our shows, but I can’t stress this enough…You have to know exactly what it is that you want in order for you to get it. Your world, experiences, people will begin to enter the exact path that will lead you to what it is you want. Let me give you an example:

You want more money but right now in this moment you have a ton of bills..where do you think your thoughts…your energy is being directed? What you focus on is what you will get. We do live in a true energy environment which means energy draws to it the energy that matches it. If your thoughts are on how many bills you have you will find more bills and your attention will be drawn to those bills, like a circle. However, if your thoughts are on increasing your money and not on the bills….if you direct your thoughts to seeing money coming in building up not going out….opportunities for creating that money will begin to come into your world. People will begin to respond to your energy…opportunities will begin to show and money will begin to increase.

Now as far as how that money increases, that does not have to be known….the only focus should be on the FACT that your money will increase. I don’t want you to think that you can simply think into existence all that you want. That is just the beginning you must also take steps that will lead you in the direction of what you want. When your thoughts are focused on what you want, when you begin to move into that direction, it begins a chain reaction of energy flow. The more focused you become on your Dream, the more opportunities begin to avail themselves to you. Keeping your focus on your Dream is a perpetual motion type of thought. You must work at it just as you worked at focusing your attention on the negative until it became habitual, so should you focus on your dream till those thoughts become habitual. Your thoughts should be focused on finding opportunities to fulfill your dream not on the disappointments of the unfulfilled dreams.

Remember to also be flexible in the pursuit of your dreams…the way you think they will come into existence isn’t always the way it happens. In Drawing your Dreams, Your Desires keep your thoughts open to all possibilities for them to come to you, be flexible. Pay attention to people, places and events because when you are open to the true Desire, that energy will draw it’s self to you through the people you come in contact with, the advertisements that catch your eye, subtle things will begin to happen and draw you to your Desire when you begin to take action toward what you want. When thinking of what you want use terms such as: I have, I am, I do– not I will, I want, I need. What we say, think and feel are all forms of energy that draw exactly what we put out. When fleeting thoughts of negativity creep in pay attention and correct them right away. It is as much a constant process is as worrying about things not going right was in the past.