Benefits You Get From Drawing And Painting Therapies

Very few people know that art can be one effective tool in mental health treatment. Art is a combined name of different hobbies like drawing, painting and sketching. Psychologists often face questions like what art can possibly do with psychotherapy. The answer is, art is one of the expressive mediums like dance and music. Drawing therapy and painting therapy help people to communicate and overcomes stress easily. It also explores several aspects in human personalities.

Art therapy:
Art therapy is nothing but the use of artistic methods to treat psychological disorders. Psychologists around the world use art as their tool and it works like wonders. It enhances mental health and overcomes your stress. Painting therapy helps people to relieve stress and makes people calmer and happy. Happiness in life is important and we should experiment with different techniques to stay happy always.

Benefits of Drawing Therapy:

1. Distraction:
Drawing therapy can take your mind off and help you to forget all your stress. When you concentrate on drawing you forget everything and your main goal is to draw the best picture. This motivation distracts you from stressing and finally, when you finished your sketches, you head gets clear and stress free. You become ready to give a fresh start.

While drawing you adopt a certain quality that is called “flow”. Psychological experts say that flow helps us to forget all the stress. We also start concentrating what we love doing most. The word flow means complete engagement into something. It also considered being in a near meditative state. The flow in art therapy carries many of the benefits of meditation. Once you are done you feel relaxed and calm. Flow can be experienced when you’re doing creative activities like writing, and even gardening. You can also get the same in painting therapy.

Self Care:
Having a hobby can make you feel more balanced in your lifestyle. Sometimes with all personal and professional responsibilities, we forget to enjoy our own time. It is also known as me time. Thus, we deserve enjoying ‘down time’ and self care. When we do something that we like we feel fresh and relaxed. Hobbies help us to release stress and we enjoy self care.

You can Practice Art Therapy for Stress Relief:
People who love sketching can use drawing and painting for stress relief. It is easy to maintain a sketch diary regularly. Take out some times regularly and draw whatever you feel like. A sketching therapy helps you to be cathartic and creative. Finally it is stress relieving.

How to Relieve Your Stress?
Here in this section you know about relieving stress. First, you should sketch pictures that describe your feeling and it can be related to your ongoing stress. This sketching therapy can be a way of processing your related emotions, reducing some of the stress they carry. To reduce stress some of the psychologists suggest that you can sketch abstract pictures that express feelings related to past stressful experiences, as a way of processing your emotions and healing. Once you finish your sketch you feel lighter and stress free for sure.