360 Degrees of Good Health

Good health is like a perfect circle. It means that you have balance in all your bodies. That is, your physical body, your emotional body, your intellectual body, and your spiritual body. Total health can be achieved starting at any point on the circle.

For example, when your concerns are about your physical health, you’ll probably start with your physical quadrant. Physical imbalances are harder for most people to ignore (or deny) and will often get addressed fastest when approached directly.

Here’s how to create a circle of good health.

Take a piece of paper and draw a circle. It doesn’t have to be a perfect circle, or a pretty circle, just a circle. (If that seems difficult, it’s okay to cheat and use a bowl or saucer. Place it face down on the paper and trace the circle around it.)

Next, divide the circle up by drawing a big “x” over it. That should give you four evenly distributed sections. In each section put one of the four labels: Physical, intellectual, emotional or spiritual.

If your health is not in balance, part of your circle may seem flat, like a tire. If it was a tire on your car, you’d probably replace that tire. However, on your health “tire” you may try a quick and easy patch. You’ll hope that it will keep going and not give you more problems.

When that patch fails, you’ll realize that you need 360 degrees of good health. That includes a health tire that doesn’t keep going flat.

Let’s say that you’re dealing with a physical problem. You’ve seen a chiropractor, a massage therapist or an energy worker. You’ve put a patch on that part of your “tire,” but you’re still feeling ill, uncomfortable, or out of balance.

Draw a single point anywhere in the physical part of your circle. Now, extend a line from it, to another part of the circle that may also be out of balance. You could jot a few notes about that area, indicating additional concerns, problems or imbalances. It may be necessary to continue this process to identify other areas that need attention.

In my professional practice and my personal life, I have never found a balance issue that’s just physical… or one that’s just emotional, intellectual, or spiritual. See if you can identify the energy leak that began this process of imbalance. Is it an emotional situation or relationship that you’ve avoided dealing with? Has intellectual patterning brought this imbalance into your wheel? Perhaps you’re not dealing with changes that are occurring in your spiritual nature. (Today, many people discover that their old spirituality no longer supports their changing lives.)

Often, there will be small leaks in all areas that need to be addressed. Find the root problem, or — if that’s too difficult — get help from a counselor or coach. Once all the areas functioning again, your wheel will be up and running. Check your wheel regularly, just as you check the pressure in your automobile tires, to be sure that no new (or old) leaks have reopened.

Having 360 degrees of good health improves every area of your life. A little work now can make a big difference in your future happiness.